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Rei: whatsa matter?
Rei:-inconsistent pestering goes here-
Rei:What don't you trust me?
Criss: No, i do... i just don't feel like talking about it...

:( i wish he would talk to me. i worry about him. he hasn't slept in a long time because his grandpa's been in the hospital from a heart attack. and he's leaving in about one month. :((( wtf? not to mention. Me "dontcha wish your girl friend was hott like meeeeee?" Him "Yeah. I do.-fake/forced laugh-" -hits head on desk repeatedly- wtfwtfwtfwtfmobile!?! i like him too much. =/

besides that today was pretty good. except no one liked my hair. =/ except Dan. they all said they liked Red better ((including Criss)). now i feel all shitty about it. even though i shouldn't. FUCK.

plus then Brian wasn't at school and i was happy and like 2 seconds before i step on the bus there he is. (he skipped i guess.) and then seeing him bothered me. and then the fact that he is still able to bother me made me really mad and upset and angsty angst angstful.

But Ehmo McTp (or Sceney McGriddlepants as Ari likes to call him) is still fookin' hawt. ^_____^

and then Criss totally admitted he likes guys too.(<-- it's a secret. ;] so everyone hush hush. which means kristen because you're the only irl person that reads this shit.) and i died. because i was sooooo dead ass right on that. :DDDD hehe. probably post my hair later todayish.
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