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remember the old arcade? blew every dollar we ever made...

because... because well... i haven't taken a picture of myself in like forever and because i need a pat on the back for my good job picking out "normal" clothes. :D

Image hosted by
slutty sweater thing i'm probably supposed to wear a shirt under.

Image hosted by
cherries! eee! it's comfy.

Image hosted by
me being a queer bag plus new shirt&pants

Image hosted by
me and my stuffed anigamals. ^-^

and i didn't cut cause there's only four and because i'm a bad friend. :3

stupid frickin' nickelback. blergh. sooooo bad. but yet it's soooo good! -writhes in agony on the ground- i have a fear of getting old and missing the "good times". it's scary. maybe that's why i don't like going out too much? and probably why i'll die before i turn 30 :P
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