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which man would rip his face off and feed it to the dogs?

the more often i update this shit the more my life slips away. lolz.

so the kid didn't show today. i miss my Gabriel Hubert Cumberdale. =[

and so my grandmother's over becaue i'm not old enough to watch my 6 year old sister? she has the only way of annoying me. she'll just be like, 'Hi Rachel' and i'll be all 'OMFG YOU'RE RUINING MY LIFE!' only in my head. and then i go cry and use my tears to paint a water colour painting of my teenage angst.

speaking of which in art today i painted a picture of like the moon with a rainbow coming out of it and all these stars and the sky. i'm pretty sure a 9 year old could have done better. but it made me laugh because about a month ago i would never paint such nonsense. so i'm like.... happy now? or at least not depressed. i haven't been like this in a long time. cause i remember the last time... -sigh-

AND OMGZ CRISS IS A FUCKING BAG OF DOUCHE!1!!11!1 he's leaving me next semester. WTF. he's going to LVP-GAYLAND. ((yeah i totally made that one up by myself. haha.)) fucking a i don't want him to go =[

some kid on a motorcycle did the "i'm gonna shoot you" motion to me when i was on the bus today. freak. and um how about bh was wearing a polo shirt? a *white* polo shirt. shit, son. he must really like her or something. good for him. and what's weird is that i mean that. psht.
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