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when your faith in life is gone, come and speak to me

mmmm. today was fucking WEIIIRD.

ok so i text Spiike on the bus. get off the bus and walk over to trihawk Matt because no one else was there yet. look for phone. WTFITSGONE. dump out the purse. check every pocket. nope. so then i sat and pouted and talked to Matt about like... the most random shit.

then in fourth Sophia tells me that only like her and 6 other girls got their phones stolen today. so i get on the bus and i'm like OMGTELLMEYOUHAVEMYPHOOOOOONEBUSSLAVE. and she's just like "heh no." so i get home and Papi like flips and we call Verizon to get it turned off.

THEN like 2 seconds later some kid calls. and it's like

me: who is this?
kid: it's Jesse.
me: Jesseeeeee who?
Jesse: you don't know me. but i have your phone.
me: omigawd really?!!?
Jesse: yeah, i found it on the street corner. how old are you?
(so by then of course i'm like OMGWTF GIVE ME MY GABRIEL.)
me: uh.... 15.
Jesse: 15 huh? well someone deleted all your contacts... but i have your phone. so uh meet me tomorrow at 7.25. by the door of Nuts about Ice Cream.
me:omg thaaaaaank you soooooooo much i'll see you tomorrow!!

but ew wtf? one who deleted my contacts and why? two wtf does he want to know my age? (<-- CREEPY) and three WTF HOWD HE GET MY HOUSE NUMBER IF MY CONTACTS ARE GONE?!!?

so yeah.... that was the weirdest fucking thing. honestly. i'm just glad he wants to meet at Nuts by the doors cause that where people i know stand. unfortunately those people are bh and mh and max but hell if this kid is fucking weird i'm all up in that shit. "HEY BH REMEMBER ME?!?! WE WERE ALMOST LIKE FRIENDS SORT OF THAT ONE TIME! IM GOING TO HIDE BEHIND YOU NOW." hahaha. plus like if the guys really creepy i can just run over to Matt who always gets to school before me.

oh and me and Criss played in waterpaints all art class. ^-^ it was maaaaaad fun. haha we did some hot shits, son. ima 'bout to sell those master peices by the millions. -coughcough- IT'S ABSTRACT I SWEAR TO SID! lawlz.
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