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everybody's happy now-a-days

i'll sit and wonder about every love that could have been if i'd only found something chraming to say.

soooo today i realize i'm late for missbitchpants class so i'm like 'fuck it, Kris, let's skip first.' and she's like ok. so we're on our way to Wawa for meeee and turns out bh, mh(haha. -pokes Jesikaah- that's hallway matt's new name just for you :P) max and some other shits are skipping too. and it ends up we're going up the street they're crossing at the same time. so as mh is going this way --> i'm going ^up^ but we're like a block away. so he just stops, stares for like 30 seconds and then goes so he doesn't fall behind?

yeah okay then, bud.

so yeah then i got a D Ten(woot... not.) and the next late is saturday d ten? aw hell naw.

then in bombardment i had a mental breakdown(yay paranoid personality disorder!) and started just like freaking out and chattering on and on randomly and playing violently with Angel's dog tags(i made them into a necklace =/ i miss her =[). and then i had this Math SAT thing and i totally freaked out and bombed. sweet.

after dten i walked to Kris's house and dyed her roots purple and Jess did Emo's like... frontish hair purple. and then i had to leave because i'm not allwoed to have TOO much fun.

and my face all broke out all over and i look like a shitball of crap. YES. I THOUGHT THAT STAGE OF MY LIFE WAS OVER. damn.

ps: i'm all in "no-i-dont-like-my-newest-best-friend-who-has-a-girlfriend denial" dag, yo.
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