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i honestly would slam my hand in a car door to shut you up

ok so how about i bought Atomic Pink sfx dye from Hot Topic. (yeah, they totally opened one here on Thursday. and we went friday and the mall was all like OMG NEOGAWTHORZZZZZZ! not to mention anything worth taking was locked behind glass?! WTFFF?! i hate them. growl snarl.)) and my dad tells me i'm not allowed to do my hair until i prove to him that i'm not lying about having friends. wtf is that? lmao.

YOU DON'T HAVE FRIENDS! NO HAPPINESS FOR YOU! i swear to sid, honeslty, the man is quite silly. -sigh- i should pretty much make a sign. i'm not sure what it would say but i'd make it really big and make sure everyone at liberty read it.

oh and Jesikah i'm finishing your prezzie up now. ^-^ weeeee!

and um yeah. it's really weird not having any guy to obsess over. my existance is pretty much meaningless. LAME. so basically i have interst in about 3 guys at liberty. 2/3 of which have girlfriends. one being a good friend of mine and the other an asshole? and then i don't even know about the 3rd.

oh yeah and i totally have the mother of all zits on my forehead. YAY LIFE!

oh no, what did i do? what did i do to deserve you? oh no, it's gone away. it's gone away but i want it to stay...
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