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get down girl, go 'head get down(she take my money, when i'm in need)

mwahaha. i'm actually thinking he likes me back?! -giddy- erm yeah. i got D Ten fer today(surprise, surprise i was late. -eye roll-) and i was standing around the 800s to try an waste some time. and i heard this voice right next to/behind me. and i was like "omg it sounds like him" and then i was like yeah right. and then Casey came up to me and we had to shuffle a bit so she wouldn't be in peoples way and i was able to see who was next to me and OMFG IT WAS HIM. and i died. ^-^ so yeah i'm all trying to get with that now. hah. i'm cool.

and that's like it. i love criss and tim. and um. i talked to matt this morning and we decided guys in s(m)andles are really just creepy. he's too cute. and i decided that annoying people are way annoying.

plus plus i finally told my mumsy that i don't like her. i was jsut like "i'm not angry at you like you think. i have no grudges against you. i just don't like you. at all." and i felt so much better. and she just like didn't care. hah. ill.

and me and Courtney made the only WORKING cable out of ALL of Jones' students. =DDD we made a cable. and it worked. we were like dumbstruck. it was hella tight. Jones said we get a prize... i'm kind of scared of that. haha.
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