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stay lady stay, stay while the night is still ahead

so i've been reading too far into *little* things lately/still/again? like how he won't look in my eyes when he's around his girlfriend. is he ashamed? is he ignoring me? is he sorry? or does not just not notice me as i walk by? and so he's just starring at my shoes without realizing it?

and then there's the other one. everytime we pass we have eye contact. and as he left the klein building i was entering. before class i went to the bathroom and when i came out he had somehow found himself walking the same way as before past me. and looking at me. coincidence? even though there is no way he got in the door at the end of the building. wtf? i'm so lost. haha.

despite those small things everythings... pretty ok. strangely enough. i enjoyed gym today. :D we played tennis and i just ran around smacking the ball as hard as i could against the wall. and i have a 89.9% in cisco. if not for the fact that it has to have been rounded mad lots already i would ask him to round it up. UPPPP DAMMIT. yeah.

help me find the middle? i don't want to dwell on the past and i don't want to fret about the future. i'm glad i have friends like Criss and Spiike and fucking a Niki Wilson to help :)

ps: pastor fucking GENERALASSWIPEBASTARDFUCKINGCUNTDOUCHECOMMANDER painted over PJ painting on the youth room wall. FUCKING PUKE ASS GREEN. i swear on bloody fucking John Genzale's grave i will never fucking respect that man ever. i mean how straight out SHADEY is that? not to mention inconsiderate, rude and flat out obnoxious. all the kids *LOVED* PJ. he was bloodyfucking ace. best bloke around the church. and now our last memory of him is GONE. hellz naw. Niki's gonna flip a bitch when she gets back.

speak of the devil i(erm, well the fam) got a postcard from Italy. i can't wait to that fool returns. oh and if you're wondering the 3 year old sunday school class is full of the msot adorable kids in the world. Ben and Anissa are like my new best friends.
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