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oh serena, i know what they're sayin' about you

i haven't heard this song in hella long. makes me think about BCS and all the shit that went down. everything. just everything that went wrong there. if i had gone to public school who would i be? obviously not myself. i wouldn't be so horrendously incapable of making friends. or at least that's what i'd like to think.

today was alright. didn't feel shitty until now. Criss told me he's leaving Liberty next year. my bloody arse he is. what's he gonna knock my friend count down to the negatives now?

re-touched the hair with Wildfire, it's all right. i'll post pictures if i can bleeding find my beastly camera.

i feel so shitty i haven't written Chelsea in weeks. but what the hell am i supposed to say by now? "hey, school started and i'm fucknig bipolar. i miss you like hell and max has been a bastard telling people you're on heroine. i want you to fucking come home. but you have about 5 more months. that sucks." yeah. that's inspirational ain't it? i've written and enveloped about 3 letters. tore all three up. fuck it.

me and my compulsive lying, feh.
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