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HUH?! ya'll eat peices of shit!?!?

um um um so life is real lame hardcordy core core? cause i said so. i was on the bus and i was all like "fuck, i still hate me." dag, yo.

and Criss is lame. because i like him. like too much. wtfsicles?? i want it to stop. plus he's leaving in like t minus +1 month? BULL SHIT.

it's weird seeing BH and just not caring. i don't even know anymore.

lately everything's just been... there. i'm just... here. i hate this feeling. i keep picking up a pen to draw something but nothing comes out right.

reported card:::social-b+(88), art-a, gym-a+(why?) & cisco-b+(89). my gym teacher said i'm "cooperative" heh? yeah ok. probably because i ain't fought her like the ghetto chicks and i always change unlike katie(<-- that her name?).

ps: happy birthday to Matt!!!!! (and happy Yom Kuppur to everyone else.)
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