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so weak and so unworthy, it simply will not do

-points to mood thing- zOMG! HAPPY! LOLZWTF?!?

so today wasa prep rally. me and Tim and Criss sat amongst the seinors. the sexiest boy in the school that i like to call Ehmo McTightpants and his friends had a banner that said "our game is tight unlike BECA girls" i lol'd.

and while the 3000 of us kids shuffled out thru 4 sets of doors Ehmo was pretty much touching me. i was just kind of like yeah thanks for molesting my arm? if you were ugly i'd probably kick you. i = shallow. lmao.

and BH's thingface is like seinor president apparently. and the new principle made her do the spell out l-i-b-e-r-t-y thing. me and Tim screamed about unprotected anal sex.

and i almost feel bad for touching Criss all the time when he has a girlfriend. but not really. i let him borrow my hoodie for 2 days and i got it back and it smells soooo good. like... so good.

ps: "If You Like Me Check Yes, If You Don't I'll Die" is probably the best song title ever. that or "Jesus Dropkick Me Through the Goal Posts of Life"
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