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um um um. the Unicorns = luff. (punpunpunintendedlawlz)

right then. so uh yeah. i don't think he likes me anymore. -emo tears- WHATEV. i'm so over that. he's totally been like trying to grow a beard. i kind of died when i saw it. it actually aint half bad.

um yeah and bh totally turned into this giant asshole over the summer?! idk maybe now that he has a girlfriend he figures he can be as obnoxious as he wants? *std-teacher name goes here* wouldn't let him play because he didn't change so he spent 60 miunutes screaming about anything and everything that happened in the game.

like it was mattball and Landis(<--teacher man) decides that i have to kick because he's an asshole. and so i barely tap it and just start walking really slowly to the first mat and i totally fucking didn't get out. i stepped on the matt right before he threw the ball. it was pretty good. Skakakatitis(<--teacher lady) or whatever her name is was like "come on even you have to smile about that! that was cool." and bh is sitting on the bleachers going "OHMIGAWD!!! OOOOHHH! SHE JUST WALKED THERE!! OOOOOH!!! SHE WALKED AND STILL BEAT YOU!!!!!" only he was like that for every single thing that happened in the game.

and yeah. that was MY day. oh and also Criss put his hair in 3 pigtails in Art and i died. DIED.
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