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i've got a hunger twisting my stomach into knots that my tongue has tied off

hey hardcore kiddies. what's good? i put two bobby pins in my hair and forgot they were there and screamed when i touched them and thought they were a bug.

and that's my fun fact for the day.

in gym i found all this shit just lying on the track so i made a bunch of jewelry. it was actually enjoyable. and then some creepy friend of Ben's was like "what's up bitch?" i told him if he ever said that again i'd cut off his cock and nail it to his fucking forehead. fucking bastard.

and my special friend wasn't where he usually is which was sad. but then i turned the corner and he was like 2 feet away from me and i freaked out and we just starred at each other. good times indeed. and someday i'll grow up and be a real boynot a pussy. wooo! i look forward to it.

and also also i found the most gorgeous pink flower on the ground. but then i had no one to give it to so it died. my life's so tragic. lololz. -eye roll-
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