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there's something in the way, mmm, yeah

RIP John Beverly <3

add, comment and be added.

peace, love and empathy.
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you dont... know me... but uh
yeah... saw you somwhere i forgot
OMG friends only eh.
Well I think I'm already your friend.
Soooo yes bye
Ohh sexy banner!! mines sexier, it has all the pistols in it! Muahaha!
thank you! ^-^ yours is sexier!!! hahaha. i consent. but it was close :p

Deleted comment

=o two scene points for you!!11!11!!!!1!elevnty!1
he is love. :DD hes loveydoveysex.

adddded <3 ^-^
its panda_boom!! add add add me me me!
yes! yesyesyes! of course. ^-^
You don't know me, you replied to some shit I said in dyed_hair, but I fucking LOVE your Sid Vicious banner XD

Sorry for the randomness, and you can add me if you like :3
haha, thanks. ^-^ i love how the Y ended up covering the gayness of his shirt. i didn't even notice the shirt until after i made the banner.

of course ill add you. :]

Deleted comment

surely ^-^
yo, biatch
'tis lisle and i heart you bunches
ya know, ghostchantx, ~leopardprint, ~/*dolly-x-rot?
and the gc content of your dA gallery that brought us together.
i'm so nice. hahaha.
<3's lisle
ps. spot of tea and some toast, darlin'?

actually i think it was my spelling "looser" wrong that brought us together.

that and SPAM. dun dun dun.

indeed smarm! i'd love a bit of tea!
give us a bell. <3
oh yeah. you looser you.